Space Hat

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Space Hat

$24.99 $29.99

Due to the extreme high demand and logistical problems due to Covid-19, this product is currently sold out. We expect to have it back in stock in 2-3 weeks. If you buy this product now, it will be sent to you directly after we receive it in our warehouse in the USA.

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SpaceX Hat

A couple of months after starting SpaceX Fanstore, we started to think about designing our own logo that we could use not only for our website, but also to print on our SpaceX related clothing, such as a SpaceX hat. We were thinking about complex designs, integrating Mars, The BFR and Falcon Heavy into one logo, but nothing came out right. It had to be more simple we thought, using some basis elements from all the amazing things SpaceX had accomplished over the past years. 

Then all of a sudden we had an epiphany! Why not form the X from SpaceX by using the burn of two Falcon 9's?! And to make it even cooler, we wanted them to launch from the Of Course I Still Love You and Just Read the Instructions droneships. A beautiful SpaceX Fanstore logo was born, as you can see on this SpaceX hat.

It turned out we were not the only one that loved the logo. In just a couple of months after launching products such as this SpaceX hat, but also our SpaceX hoodie and SpaceX t-shirt, these products have risen to the top of our best selling products. 


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