Saturn Buddy

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Saturn Buddy

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Saturn…is the ring leader of the galactic gang!

Saturn’s extraordinary rings are one of the most recognized features of our solar system.

I am the sixth planet from the Sun and second largest in the Solar System. I am easily recognized by my extraordinary rings. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune have rings too, but while theirs are narrow and dark, mine are bright, due to the light reflecting qualities of the ice crystals that make up the majority of my rings. My rings extend hundreds of thousands of miles into space. Interspersed throughout are particles ranging in size from specks of dust to large rocky objects 30 feet in diameter. My rings were formed a few hundred million years ago from the remnants of comets, asteroids or shattered moons.


The Planetary Facts

Name: Saturn
Age: About 4.53 billion years
Weight: 1.25 x 1027 pounds
Diameter: 74,898 miles
Average Surface Temperature: -288 degrees Fahrenheit
Average Distance from the Sun: 800 million miles
Rotational Period: 10.6 hours
Orbital Period: 29.7 years


Product info:
Size: Approximately 7 inches

Material: Polyester Fiber