Sun Buddy

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Sun Buddy

$29.99 $39.99
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Sun…is a hot shot full of energy!

Sun is located at the center of the Solar System. No wonder he has an ego. Who can blame him? The World literally revolves around him!

I’m a real hottie! The temperature at my center is a sizzling 15,000,000 Kelvin and on my surface 6,000 Kelvin. I am the star located at the center of your Solar System and I am one among an estimated 200-400 billion stars orbiting in the Milky Way Galaxy. I am composed of mostly hydrogen and helium with trace amounts of other elements. All my energy is produced in my core by nuclear fusion. This energy travels to the surface and is emitted as visible light reaching the Earth in 8 minutes.


The Planet Facts

Name: Sun
Age: About 4.6 billion years
Weight: 333 thousand Earths
Diameter: 864,000 miles
Average Surface Temperature: -6,000 Kelvin (32 degrees F = 273.15 Kelvin)
Average Distance from the Sun: 800 million miles
Rotational Period: 10.6 hours
Rotation Period: 25.4 Earth days


Product info:
Size: approximately 9 inches

Material: Polyester Fiber